Web Site Development

We design and develop web pages and web sites.

Our web sites are developed with "Drupal" and are designed to grow and change as your business grows and changes. Drupal sites have "content management" capabilities, so that you can add and change your own content (text and photos, for example) without having to know how to build a web site - and without paying a web developer to make simple modifications to content.

We can help with the entire process of web site development:

  • Locating an affordable service to host your site
  • Securing a domain name
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Planning and designing your site with the user experience in mind
  • Developing your site using best practices and standards
  • Ensuring that your site is responsive (works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones)
  • Providing documentation/instructions for changing your own content
  • Providing ongoing support

View examples of our work: